Quality Assurance Program

Valiant Harbor International incorporates Quality Assurance best practices in all our efforts to deliver integrated enterprise professional solutions that meet or exceed contractual requirements and customer needs. Areas of focus include the planning and management of program tasks, the quality of support provided throughout all phases of contract execution, the integration of program management specialties, management of interfaces, and the management of a totally integrated effort of all program management concerns to meet cost, performance, and schedule objectives. Furthermore, our Quality Assurance program includes a performance management approach to assess whether the objective and technical tasks/requirements specified in the contract statement of work are being achieved and to what extent.

The Valiant Harbor International Quality Assurance program is a collaborative endeavor with our customers in which we foster and maintain continuous two-way communication in order to monitor and evaluate our team’s performance and overall-customer satisfaction. Through this non-pejorative open exchange process and mutually supportive environment, our program managers are able to fine-tune the team’s operating process to best serve the needs of the customer. This approach ensures the desired performance outcome is achieved at the expected performance level throughout the entire contract life-cycle.

Point of Contact: Thomas Walsh / 202.503.7558 / tfwalsh3@valiantharbor.com